The students of MA Fine Art aim to challenge and explore a wide range of issues and concerns relating to art and its intersections with current contemporary culture. Their individualities, origins and background determine the diversity of visual language and mediums they work across, which include painting, sculpture, photography and print-making, as well as video, sound, installation, performance and beyond.

Walid Al Wawi //

Niamh Treacy //

Ferg Cooper //

Kirstin Barnes //

Anastasia Kachalova //

M. Lohrum // 

Marianne Casmose Denning //

Jorge Martin //

Alessandro Carboni //

Matthew Nightingale //

Jack Marder //

Metra Saberova //

Zsuzsa Szuts //

Pablo Castañeda //

Rupert Whale //

Eriko Kawai //

Maxine Hayes //

Agathe Reille //

Pei-Fen Lee //

Aleksandra Kosoń //

Antony Crossfield //

Dannielle Hodson //

Dejan Mrdja //

Irene Sartorio //

Jojo Taylor // 

Matteo Topoluia //

Michelle Yasuda //

Michael S. Bryan //